Am Schenkberg 11
2130 Eibesthal // Austria
phone +43 664 185 81 73


Winzerinnen Maria Faber-Köchl und Anna Faber gehen durch den Weingarten
Icon Handwerk Handcrafted

Take care of each vine, harvest all the grapes by hand.

Icon Genuss Joy

Tasting the winemakers passion in every glass.

Icon Frauenpower Empowered women

Mother and daughter stand for strong women, strong wines.

Icon Bio Natur ORGANIC

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand, therefore organic.

Portraitfoto von Maria Faber-Köchl und Anna Faber

The Winemakers

At the Faber-Köchl winery, mother Maria and daughter Anna both go their own unique way, and together they are writing a success story that has only just begun.