Am Schenkberg 11
2130 Eibesthal // Austria
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Anna Faber und Maria Faber-Köchl riechen an Glas Wein

Maria & Anna

Maria and Anna are passionate winemakers. The mother of three children founded the winery as a newcomer in 1999. Now her daughter Anna reigns in the wine cellar after studying viticulture as well as completing internships in Germany and New Zealand. Together, the two personally take care of their vines; when harvesting, they gather all the grapes by hand. This connection to nature is important to them, which is why they are proud to produce organically. The result are harmonious wines that simply taste good.

Icon Handwerk Handcrafted

Take care of each vine, harvest all the grapes by hand.

Icon Genuss Joy

Tasting the winemakers passion in every glass.

Icon Frauenpower Empowered women

Mother and daughter stand for strong women, strong wines.

Icon Bio Natur ORGANIC

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand, therefore organic.

It's fun to come into direct contact with the vines.

Anna Faber Winemaker
No. 01

Respectful treatment of nature is important to me.

Maria Faber-Köchl Winemaker
No. 02

I grew up with Grüner Veltliner.

Anna Faber Winemaker
No. 03

Every wine is like a composition.

Maria Faber-Köchl Winemaker
No. 04


Standort von Eibesthal auf einer Österreich-Karte


Austria, as a wine country, has undergone an astonishing development. Shaken by the wine scandal in the 1980s, Austrian wines have slowly gained international recognition – known for high quality at moderate prices. Located along the latitude of Burgundy, the country is characterised by an enormous variety of soils and climatic influences.

Austria’s largest wine-growing region is known for its peppery Grüner Veltliner. Almost half of the world’s plantings of this grape variety can be found here. The temperate climate and mineral soils also provide perfect conditions for Burgundy, Traminer and light red wines.

Maria and Anna run their winery not far from the wine town of Poysdorf. Eibesthal, a village with 800 inhabitants, is characterized by romantic cellar alleys, but it has not yet made a name for itself on the wine scene. Smooth hills and rich loess, clay and gravel soils offer excellent conditions for strong wines.


Mary gives birth to Anna. At this point in time, neither of them had any idea of their common passion.


Maria takes a new career path and founds the winery. In the years before, the mother of three worked hard to complete her wine degree.


Due to the constant growth, the inherited facilities become too small for Maria. Therefore a new low-energy winery is built.


For the first time Maria composes her famous Cuvée Köchl Verzeichnis, named after works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Anna takes over the main responsibilities in the cellar and the vineyards. Prior to this, she studied oenology and completed internships in Germany and New Zealand.


The wine magazine Selection names Anna Austria's young winemaker of the year.


After a three-year conversion phase, Maria and Anna harvest their first official organic vintage.